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Great article from the peeps over at The Cube in London. This kind of thinking is exactly what The Grove has going on in New Haven. We are creating a space for connection and the creation/sharing of ideas that create the new economy we live in.

Coworking spaces are more than just space, convenience, or a random unification of desks. They are places where economy is being produced, new sectors are being created, and unlikely people are creating interesting communities. As companies and individual entrepreneurs search for ways to create innovation, our spaces should be a haven for people with ideas. They should act as idea laboratories where people can experiment with new processes of developing and implementing ideas. All of the coworking spaces around the world have a chance to create a significant impact in building an economy for their town, city, or country.

Coworking spaces bring together people of different thought processes, experiences, and talents. The interaction between people of such diverse backgrounds makes our spaces a breeding ground for strong idea communities, which will then lead to the creation of new sectors and industries. 

Coworking spaces provide a faster economy force start-up businesses. One of the most important ingredients in building an economically sustainable business is contacts and community. We are creating tribes of people who are helping each other connect faster.
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